Do These 10 Things And Stop Worrying About Your Child’s Future


Golden rules.

Raising children in the modern world can be difficult and tiring. But still, it is a great honour for adults: after all, influencing a child today, you shape the world in many years.

Children are those who will someday build a world of the distant future, so it is so important to lay the right messages in them.

Everyone has their own style and their own upbringing rules, and this is normal. In the end, both children and adults are very different. But there are fundamental principles that everyone should follow.

Here are 10 rules:

1. Apologize to the children when you are wrong.

2. Don’t consider yourself smarter than a kid only because you’re older.

3. Thank the children when they do something for you or for others.

4. Admit mistakes and don’t hide it from children.

5. Listen to kids. Never ignore them.

6. Set boundaries for acceptable behaviour.

7. lead by example.

8. Teach compassion, goodness and love.

9. Explain that actions entail consequences (good and bad).

10. Have fun with your children. Parenting is a great responsibility and an invaluable privilege.

What rule would you add?