What happens if you take garlic every day?

6. Your hair and skin will improve too

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HAIR: If you suffer from hair loss, try using garlic to accelerate your hair growth. Garlic extract can help promote hair growth and even treat localized alopecia. To treat this problem, apply garlic oil to the scalp (It can also treat localized hair loss). All cosmetic manufacturers have learned to make their products odorless, so they are able to produce an odorless garlic oil.

SKIN: Fibroblasts (the cells responsible for skin renewal) are highly receptive to garlic. A daily diet of two cloves of fresh garlic ensures the body’s fibroblasts produce enough natural collagen and elastin to develop a healthy complexion.

Sun protection. Garlic’s antioxidants neutralize the damaging effects of sun rays, protecting your skin from aging and premature skin damage.