10 Harmful Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog


10. Selecting an inaccurate collar

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We can hurt our dogs unintentionally with a lot of things. One of the essential things that you should consider is what kind of collar you are selecting for them. If you visit a pet store, you will be confused while choosing a collar because many collars have different lengths, sizes, materials, and types.

But don’t worry, here I am going to describe some essential techniques through which you can choose the best collar for your dog.

✓ First of all, decide which size will be suitable for your dog. Before going to the store, be sure to check the circumference of your pet’s neck, or you can also take your dog with you. In some stores, they will allow you to put a leash on your dog’s neck. So, you can buy the right size of collar for your dog. In general, a thinner collar will be a perfect choice if your dog is small. And for larger dogs, thicker collars are the best.

✓ The second that you should consider is the harness. If you are walking them and they pull a lot, then the harness is necessary. If you do not invest in harness, they can get injured when they are pulling. They don’t choke if the harness is of good quality.

There are different requirements for different dogs. And if you still don’t understand which collar is best for your dog, you can see the information on the collar or can request an employee to help you.

For making your canine companion feel safe and comfortable, kindly follow these tips.