Why Dogs Do The Weird Things That They Do

Many dog owners will say their dogs understand them better than anyone else. It’s not just that they know when we’re sad when to stay close by, when we need affection, and when they’re feeling down. That’s only the beginning! The truth is, many dog owners don’t truly understand what their dog is trying to communicate. Sure, we know that when a dog wags its tail, it means it’s happy – but do we really know why?

dog smiling and licking

Dogs have deep psychology that’s as interesting as it is complex. and they have their own type of language. They bark, growl, or whine for many reasons.

Dogs are complex beings. It can be really hard to understand them. We’ve uncovered 17+ secrets about their psyche and revealed how you can get to know your canine best friend better than you ever did before. Discover all that and more on the next page…