Someone Filmed How a Couple Slept in a Tesla Model X at a Speed of 90 km/h

Here you see the future …

We have been living in the 21st century for more than a year, and although flying cars still don’t appear, autonomous electric cars have already become a reality.

One of the most famous models is the Tesla Model X, equipped with an Autopilot system with a frontal radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors for object recognition at a distance of up to 488 cm from all sides and at any speed, a high-precision front camera, and a digital emergency braking system.

All this allows the car to move in its lane, rebuild, adjust the speed depending on road signs and avoid collisions.

Ideally, you just get in the car, enter the target, and it drives you where you need it – without any effort on your part.


But recently a scandal erupted: someone photographed a couple sleeping sweetly in a car that was traveling at a speed of 90 km / h along the highway in Massachusetts.

It is interesting that if you fall asleep at the wheel, then a fine is charged for this, but in this case, it is not clear how to be: after all, the car does not need to be driven. Laws on this subject do not yet exist.

The autopilot is not yet 100% reliable and not tested in all possible conditions, so blindly relying on it is quite risky. The manufacturer himself urges him to closely monitor the road, so these two did exactly unreasonably.

Even so, don’t miss the video of these drivers asleep at the wheel while their car drives alone, would you do like them?

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