10 Surprising And Secret Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’

While I do not have the same powers as Doctor Dolittle, I have always fantasized about being able to understand what animals are thinking and feeling. This is because if I could know these thoughts, it would give me valuable information.

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I’m constantly asking myself, “why does my dog bark at the vacuum cleaner?” “Why does he hide in the corner whenever rain starts to fall?” Heck, I don’t know! However, new developments in the science of dog communication can tell me if my pup is happy with me.

We love our dogs. And it turns out they love us, too. Through a study of the dog genome, scientists have uncovered that because dogs and humans have been intertwined for so many years, dogs have developed their own way to express their love for us – a way of saying “I love you” we can understand.

We all know that dogs love their owners. The signs may be subtle, but they’re unmistakable. Check out these 10 sure-fire ways to tell if your dog absolutely adores you: