Here’s Why You Should Put Garlic Under Your Pillow


How Garlic Helps You to Sleep Better?

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The high concentration of various nutrients and the sulfurous compounds, including allicin, responsible for garlic’s pungent smell, promotes a relaxation effect that helps you fall asleep faster and get quality sleep. This powerful smell also helps to clear blocked nasal and improve breathing, thus alleviating the effects of the common cold. Plus, garlic can serve as a mosquito or insect repellant, allowing you to sleep without worrying about insect bites or those irritating mosquito noises.

Garlic Under Pillow?

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Putting garlic under your pillow when sleeping helps reduce the risks of contracting a disease as the allicin in the root vegetable blocks the route through which infectious microbes gain access to the body system and reproduces.

If you cannot stand the smell of garlic throughout the night, you can choose to eat some cloves before bed. It is best consumed on an empty stomach. You may need to check with your partner – if you have one – if they are okay with it.

So, what is the science behind garlic as a treatment of insomnia? What makes it a remedy for sleep?