10 World’s Most famous Instagram Cats

Had the most famous cats of Instagram move aside for the feline kings and queens on Instagram.

These glamorous lovely and charming characters will steal your heart to get ready to meet these Instagram celebrities.

Who wouldn’t want their IG feed to be filled with cat pic after cat pic? With a few additional cats follows, you will not only start to see more cute cats and kittens featured in your endless social media scrolling, but you’ll definitely come across more hilarious content you need to share with your friends.

Perhaps, you might even be inspired to start sharing some snaps you have of your own furry friend at home. ( Find All these cats Instagram accounts at the end of this article, make sure to follow them. )

10. Waffles

Source: Instagram

Prepare your camera, as I’ll show you one of the most adorable kittens of Instagram. Ready?

I knew you’d love him; he’s Waffles, a perky kitty who had a sad life at first since nobody wanted to adopt him from the shelter because people said he was ugly. However, when Derek Liu and Laine Lee saw him, they fell madly in love with him and took him home.

Lane, his owner, regretted not taking pictures of her old pets, so she wanted things to be different with waffles, that’s why she took lots of photos and posted them on her social media. What’s surprising was that Internet users were delighted to see this precious kitten who already has over 934.000 followers on Instagram.

This is great awesome!

9. Hosico Cat

Source: Instagram

I love it; I love it!

You want to hug him and give him lots of kisses? Just look at him, he’s gorgeous!

He lives in Moscow with his cat-loving family; this kitten became famous because his owners thought he was cute and funny. Believe me; they weren’t wrong! Even so, they never thought that the internet would go crazy for him, host eco cat has over 1.7 million followers, amazing!

But beyond being a celebrity host, Eco likes to play with shoelaces, sheets of paper, and tennis balls.

He’s also been compared with puss and boots from Shrek Garfield, and even squirrels and hamsters; best of all, this friendly pet has an exclusive plush identical to him.

If you’re a fan of Hosico, you must buy it now.

8. Coby the cat

Source: Instagram

Do you believe in love at first sight, then look at this!

I introduced you to Coby, a blue-eyed feline who has captivated the internet and got over 1,82 Million followers on Instagram, surprising! But the best part is that you can watch him play and be spoiled on videos and photos.

His name Coby is quite attractive since it was inspired by his large and marvellous cobalt blue eyes that bewitches more than one on the internet. I should also point out that this pet loves to be taken pictures of over and over again, he’s quite a star!

7. Suki Cat

source: Instagram

Would you like to meet new places? Well, you can do it with Suki!

A feline that will take you around the world, she’s an adorable Bengal cat from Canada who will let you see the best places in the world along with her human parents. I dig that idea too; this astonishing kitty has traveled the 12 countries so far, including, Canada the US, and some European countries. She is one lucky cat, her photos are so gorgeous that she has taken over the internet and has over 1.87 Million followers on Instagram, her primary weapon has been her eyes, and although her owner said they have retouched.

The pictures are still outstanding since Suki adds that magical feeling to the place, just stunning!

6. Mister white coffee cat

Source: Instagram

if you think you won’t find cuter cats than the ones shown before, you’re wrong!

Mr White Coffee Cat has just arrived, a dazzling kitty who has not only become famous for his beauty but also because he was a great fighter who beat cancer.

Pookie Methachittiphan adopted this blue-eyed feline, and her sister Ping, who decided to create an Instagram account so Mr White could delight the internet, and they did the right thing!

That’s why he has over 2.60 Million on said social media. However, not everything was excellent because this kitten went through rough times since he had kidney cancer. It was difficult for the family, but despite the suffering, they never gave up and took him to chemo and did everything they could to save him. Thanks to that perseverance, and care, he was able to recover and now enjoys a good life.

5. Venus Two Face Cat

Source: Instagram

I now introduce you to a kitty who comes from out of space, she’s a feline that won the heart of Internet users with her unusual appearance. More than you think, Venus is a kitten with a unique face since it’s half solid black with the green eye and half tabby orange with a blue eye. She’s one of a kind but how do I know about her, it was thanks to her owners: Chris and Christina who posted a picture of this buddy.

Venus to face, got over 2.65 Million Instagram followers, becoming an Internet diva. Well, she’s a natural in front of the camera.

4. Smoothie The Cat

Source: Instagram

What a lovely kitty, her long fur and huge green eyes will immediately mesmerize you!

Smoothie as a kitten! He D a life full of love next to her owner Arvid Van Boekel, and her cat brother Milkshake. I know she’s a cutie, but how do you think she achieved stardom?

It’s all thanks to her owner, who opened an Instagram account for her in 2016, which immediately brought fame. She currently has over 2.2 million followers; even her name fits her well due to that soft fur and sweet personality, it’s the feline embodiment of perfection.

3. Lil Bub

Source: Instagram

This kitty is a clear example that no disability is an excuse for not enjoying the pleasures in life, and becoming a big star. It turns out that Lil Bub, despite having dwarfism, a little tongue is hanging from her face, no teeth, and being unable to walk well, she’s happy! And has been able to achieve huge things in the online world!

It’s all thanks to her owner Mike Bridavsky, who saw great potential in his cat, so in 2011 he uploaded her picture on Tumblr, which made users lose their minds.

Nowadays she has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, Lil bub became a significant influence raising awareness among people that disabled animals also deserve love, since they’re good at giving back unconditional love, unfortunately, she passed away on December 1st, 2019 even, so the legacy is to continue fighting for her fluffy siblings.

2. Grumpy Cat

Source: Instagram

if you’re a fan of memes, you surely know Grumpy cat an unusual kitty who looks angry all the time.

Don’t worry; she is unhappy; this is caused by her feline dwarfism and teeth malformation, which gives her that grumpy face. But how did the mean become popular? It’s because the owner’s brother uploaded a picture of Tardar Sauce her original name to Reddit in 2012, which immediately bedazzled the internet!

This made her famous and got her over 2.7 million followers on Instagram; that’s crazy!

Grumpy cat didn’t stop on Instagram; she had a starring appearance in a documentary along with a keyboard cat, and Nyan Cat, which won the award for best feature film at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2013. She even participated in the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark, and the episode called puff and Frankie.

Sadly this little one died on May 14, 2019. However, her Instagram is active and still posts some pics or cartoons of the feline.

1. Nala cat

Source: Instagram

No one, absolutely no one, can fight back this sweet cat. She has won over 4.3 million followers on Instagram.

However, Nala hasn’t always been happy; since, at first, this feline was left in a shelter by her owner. But everything changed when Varisiri Methachittiphan came into her life and gave her home full of love and comfort. The best kind of love, her popularity skyrocketed whenVarisiri Methachittiphan uploaded pictures of her pet, which took over the internet and made all users fall madly in love with her. I can tell you she’s the cat goddess of Instagram, that’s why she’s the ambassador of Petfinder, a non-profit company for animal adoption across North America.

Here are the top 9 Instagram cat accounts wither over one million followers:

  1. @nala_cat
  2. @realgrumpycat
  3. @iamlilbub
  4. @smoothiethecat
  5. @venustwofacecat
  6. @white_coffee_cat
  7. @sukiicat
  8. @cobythecat
  9. @hosico_cat
  10. @waffles_the_cat

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