Sleeping With a Cat In Bed? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Not everyone suspects this.

Cats feel when a person is sick and can reveal negative energy in his body. They have a very strong electromagnetic field. And, when a cat touches a person, its electromagnetic waves neutralize the waves that the patient radiates.

Doctors say that in families where there are pets, especially cats, diseases are less common. But even if they arise, people recover faster.


You should not be surprised if your pet is sitting on your lap or on another part of your body. Do not drive him away. He will leave.

The cat is trying to touch the part of the body where the diseased organ is located. And after a while, the pain subsides, and the person feels better.

Bioenergetics believe that these animals are very developed psychic abilities. This allows them to see the human aura and to heal it.

What do cats heal?


1. The psyche and nerves.

They reduce anxiety, calm, awaken a sense of confidence, optimism.

2. The heart.

Cats are great cardiologists. Therefore, those who suffer from hypertension who have suffered a heart attack or stroke are recommended to keep a cat more often.

The presence of a cat in the house stabilizes blood pressure in people with neurovegetative dystonia. In addition, in people who have these pets, the risk of a heart attack is reduced by 30-40%.

3. The memory.

The greatest accumulation of points that activate memory is in the center of the palm. In the East, people use special balls to stimulate this part of the brain. But instead, we can pet a cat or dog. If you do this daily, you will improve your memory.

4. Immunity and bones.

Experts also noticed that these animals help to quickly lower the temperature in case of a cold or flu. In addition, they reduce pain and even strengthen bones.

“Specialization” of cats

  • Cats better cure diseases of the nervous system and internal organs.
  • Cats are the best specialists in the field of osteoarthritis, spondylosis, osteopathy.
  • Longhair cats are excellent neurologists. They help in case of depression, reduce irritability, normalize sleep.
  • Medium length cats are good cardiologists.
  • Short-haired cats treat stomach, liver, and kidney disorders better.
  • Siamese cats help in the treatment of colds. They also play an important role in influenza prevention. Their presence in the house destroys the germs that can cause this disease.

In fact, even the color of the cat matters.

Black cats?


Some worry whether a black cat can be brought into the house. But few people know that they are capable of absorbing a lot of negative energy. Relieving the host from an excess of negative energies, black cats help normalize blood circulation, metabolism and even accelerate the resorption of an internal hematoma. Thus, they prevent heart attack, stroke, hypertension, gastritis, and osteopathy.

Did you guess that cats heal you?