6 Ways To Deal With Hypocrites And Exclude Them From Your Life

It’s better not to know such people!

“The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy”  William Hazlitt.

And he was 100% right. In an atmosphere full of hypocrites, sincere people are condemned, and become the worst enemy.

And we must admit: everyone faces hypocrisy.

But it is one thing if such behavior is an accident, a necessary measure, and another if it is a lifestyle.

People who have chosen hypocrisy as a tool to achieve their goal will stop at nothing. Therefore, you need to know how to protect yourself in this case.

1. Think about what you say.

Hypocrites should not know your secrets. Therefore, be very picky about what you tell them. Do not give the hypocrites the main weapon against you.

2. Keep your distance.

Physical distance is a good solution to avoid such people. But in many cases, these poisonous people are part of our work or social group. Try to minimize the number of contacts, create a psychological barrier.

3. Do not try to love them.

Trying to love them is not the best we can do. We will never know if we will be their victims. Therefore, it is better not to start any reverent relationship.

4. Keep calm.

Hypocrites like to drive people out of themselves, provoke negative emotions so that others can see it. Do not give them such pleasure.

5. Be straightforward.

Directly tell the hypocrite what you think of him. Yes, it can create tension, but it also makes them feel that you are ready to fight back.

6. Humor.

Often hypocritical people are extremely serious and tough. Use humor to knock the soil out from under their feet.

Do you have hypocritical friends?