8 High Blood Pressure Symptoms You Should NEVER Ignore!

5. Frequent Urination

Also known as nocturia, this condition occurs when people wake up 2-6 times during the night to urinate. According to multiple research, the symptom may be linked to high blood pressure. While there are several reasons why people may be experiencing nocturia, studies showed waking up in the night to use the toilet was associated with a 40 percent greater chance of having high blood pressure.

High blood pressure inhibits renal blood flow and causes an increase in renal arterial resistance, leading to a drop in urination during the day. This accumulated urine is then released during the night due to a reduction in renal arterial resistance and increased renal blood flow. Other causes of nocturia may include high salt intake and excess fluid in the body. Hematuria, blood in the urine, is another condition you should note if you have high blood pressure.