A photo of a happy adopted dog was all the evidence the police needed

The adoption had unexpected consequences

When Terri and her boyfriend were given the opportunity to adopt their ideal dog, they jumped at the chance. The two had wanted a dog for a long time, and now that they had their own house, it was finally time. The couple couldn’t have imagined what would happen next…

The rescue

On the streets of Detroit, Michigan, a two-year-old strayed dog was discovered. The dog was picked up by the city’s animal control. Detroit Dog Rescue subsequently took care of the four-legged companion. Because the bus from the park was full, the dog was unable to board. That was something Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue, could not allow happening. She decided to transport the dog in her own car after seeing how sad his eyes were.

Sir Wiggleton

The shelter never imagined that such a sad dog would go on to have such an influence. The dog was named Sir Wiggleton after they noticed unusual features. In no time, the dog had gone from sad to extremely joyful. Sir Wiggleton’s main means of expressing his joy was to shake his body violently. It appeared to resemble dancing.

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Adoption Process

Sir Wiggleton, just like any other retriever before him, was treated with medicine and made friends with other canines. In addition, photographs of the canine companion were shared on social media as part of the adoption procedure. The start of the adoption process for Sir Wiggleton happened here. However, the adoption process took much longer than they had anticipated. Nobody had planned to see the neglected dog for months.

Dan Tillery

On the other hand, Dan Tillery and his girlfriend were doing well. They’d finally been able to acquire a new home. Dan was now able to realize his ambition of acquiring a dog after too long; he had been waiting for this opportunity ever since the death of his beloved canine companion years ago.

After a lengthy search, they discovered Sir Wiggleton on social media. This was the ideal match for the two of them. Dan scheduled an appointment at the shelter right away for a tour.

The same personalities

When Dan and Sir Wiggleton first met, it was easy to tell that they were both a lot of fun. The dog was ecstatic when the couple arrived for a visit and performed his well-known happy dance routines. Dan and his partner felt certain that Sir Wiggleton would become their dog.

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Following a successful visit, the shelter determined that it was an excellent option to adopt. Dan and his girlfriend became Sir Wiggleton’s new owners, and the four-legged friend had a fresh family. The dog was given a new name after nearly 100 days in the shelter. Dan and his girlfriend decided to call the dog Diggy.


From his caretakers, Diggy absorbed new protocols and skills rapidly. With a lick on his face, Dan was woken up every morning by Diggy. Diggy was an ideal fit for the family. Furthermore, Diggy blossomed into a major social media celebrity. When they found out that Diggy had gone viral and gained 24,000 likes in a few days, they were shocked.

Good Morning America

Dan and Diggy’s humorous picture was even featured on Good Morning America. The two were featured in an episode of the television program. Their success, though, resulted in something strange. People noticed awful things in the photo. One day, the cops showed up at Dan’s house unannounced.

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Law enforcement

When the local Waterford Township, Michigan Police Department arrived, Dan was shocked. They’d been tipped off that Dan had broken the law.

A news segment had been recorded. A significant number of people have seen the photo on social media and television, resulting in a report. Since 1990, Waterford Township has had a rule prohibiting pit bulls there. In fact, the cops said Diggy was a pit bull.

The choice

Dan was forced to make a tough decision. Pit bulls are illegal owing to their ferociousness and aggressiveness, according to the legislation. When the cops sighted Diggy, they were taken aback. With great excitement and pleasure, the dog greeted them. This was certainly not something they had anticipated from a pit bull. Dan, on the other hand, had to make a decision. He had to choose between digging in or accepting all possible repercussions.

Dan refused to give Diggy over to the cops. The cops set a deadline for Dan. This gave Dan time to consider things. On the day of the deadline, still unwilling to give Digg over, Dan was arrested by police. The inquiry was answered with a subpoena. The shocked owner reached out to Kristina Rinaldi of Detroit Dog Rescue.

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Help from the shelter

Dan decided to get legal assistance. The couple went to the police station together to show that the accusations were bogus. Dan was informed as soon as he entered that he would be fined $500.

Fortunately, Kristina was able to put a stop to it. Diggy wasn’t a pit bull at all. He was an American Bulldog, to be precise. This was stated in black and white in the adoption papers. However, this was just the start of the conflict.


Fortunately, Dan was able to count on the assistance of his internet supporters. They became aware of Diggy’s situation after learning about it. The Michigan Humane Society got involved in the narrative and decided to contribute to the cause. An online petition was established. This one called for a legislative change.

The dog breed

According to the defenders of Pitbulls, they are not inherently violent. When badly treated or inadequately trained, the breed may become hostile. By punishing dogs for the faults of their owners, banning a breed penalizes both pets and their owners. In only a few days, the petition had over 54,000 supporters. Dan was determined to fight with this strong stance. He decided to hire an attorney.

How will everything play out?


When they were establishing the adoption, Dan and Kristina had followed all of the regulations. Kristina was permitted to have bulldogs in her house legally, and Dan had formally registered the four-legged companion as an American bulldog.

Nevertheless, the cops showed no concern. This was unusual, as all of the evidence seemed to indicate that Diggy was not a pit bull at all.

The hearing

On the day of the hearing, it was tremendously crowded. Many individuals had come to show their support, with the implicit notion that terrible owners should be punished rather than an entire dog breed. People were astonished to hear experts declare that a Chihuahua would bite a person before a pit bull. There was, however, an effective case to be made. For example, only 22 of the 41 deadly dog attacks resulted from pit bulls.

The outcome

The case to remove Diggy from his home was dropped after an extended and difficult procedure. The prosecution’s argument to have him removed from his house was rejected. Furthermore, the law has been updated as well. From that moment forward, determining a dog’s breed would be the responsibility of a veterinarian rather than the police. Dan decided to have some fun with Diggy. The two went to the nearest coffee shop to get a pupuchino. Dan would never have to worry about Diggy being taken away from him again, one way or another.