Experts Explain 11 Cat Behaviors and the Reasons Behind Them

There’s no denying that cats are interesting creatures. Sometimes they do something that leaves you scratching your head in total confusion, but that’s what makes them so special. If you’re used to dogs, cats’ social interactions and the way they communicate can be very confusing. Yet it’s these special behaviors, like affectionate head-butting and their penchant for cardboard boxes, that make us love them so much.

This guide is specifically tailored for those who own cats – odd creatures that are adored for their undeniable charm and intriguing quirks, like sleeping on your keyboard or knocking over your drink. One of my personal favorite things about cats is when they inexplicably bring you a dead mouse as if they are trying to tell you something.

Although it may be hard to know everything about cats, one thing is for sure – they possess some telling behaviors that can clue you into whether they’re feeling content or something is wrong.


Do you want to know what your cat is up to? Wonder no more! On the next page, we’ll explore some of the secrets to your cat’s behavior and how they might be trying to communicate with you.