Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side


When you’re trying to sleep, your sleeping position really doesn’t matter. People assume many common positions as they try to fall asleep, like on their side, stomach, back, or curled up in the fetal position.

Everyone sleeps differently and has different needs. Whether you toss and turn all night or lay relatively still, if you wake up without soreness, then it’s all okay.

You are not as asleep as you may think. Though your body is at rest, it is still doing important things. One of the most important things is taking in oxygen and circulating blood. Your body also continues to process memories, digest food, and recharge its batteries.  As it turns out, the position you take during sleep makes a huge difference. Double-checking this position will ensure you are getting the most from your sleep. And there’s the best position.

why you should sleep on your left side

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the benefits of sleeping on your left side. 

We’ve got a question for you. Why do you sleep on your left side? If you’re not convinced, we’ve got 7 reasons why this position is the gold standard. Ready to count ‘em? 

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