Weight Loss Tips – How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Weight Loss Tips – How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Weight Loss Tips – How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Do you feel that obtaining a healthy weight – and then keeping it that way is a tough job? Well, not necessarily true.

Yes, it might be a fact of life, that overindulging in the foods you like, staying in bed the whole day at the weekends, munching on junk food now and then can be really difficult to control.

But, you have to remember one thing, and that is, “To Gain Something, You Have To Lose Something” – of course, this statement isn’t very true if all you want to gain is weight 🙂

But jokes apart, there are only 3 things that can keep you in shape and keeps your mindset in the correct direction in the long run, as far as maintaining a healthy weight is concerned. Those are:

  1. Cutting Calories through right diet
  2.  Engaging in physical activities
  3. Being Consistent

Follow the above 3 rules, and there you go… No more is the necessity of wallet-busting weight loss regimes anymore.

But, that being said, it is also true that there are very few who can actually follow the above 3 rules religiously and consistently without some kind of external pushing factor – and hence the bursting business of the Weight Loss commodities 🙂

The following tips may prove helpful to you, and it can be practically guaranteed that if these are practiced systematically, changes are bound to occur. Here you go…

  • Follow the 80-20 rule while eating. First, calculate the calorie you need to burn each day to achieve your weight loss goal(remember that you need to take the minimum calorie required for your body), then cut 80% of the calorie by eating less.
  • You can achieve this by stopping to eat just before you feel full by taking a smaller plate and smaller portions, not keeping your favorite candies and chips within your reach, etc. The main goal is to eat just a little bit less than generally would.
  • The rest 20% of the calorie cut should result from burning your calories through moderate physical exercise /activities throughout the day.
  • This can be achieved by not using the lift and taking the steps whenever possible, parking the car at a distance from your actual destination and walking the rest of the distance, playing and running around with your kid, etc. The main goal is to avoid being stale for a long time.
  • For consistently doing a thing, it is necessary to have some motivation. You can motivate yourself by keeping a picture of yourself and of a model with a slim body side by side – at a place where you can see it often.
  • By buying an expensive dress which is a size smaller than you can actually fit in or by rewarding yourself through a treat of your favorite food at the end of the week after you have achieved your goal of eating at a specific calorie level throughout the week.

As you can see, maintaining a healthy weight culminates down to the fact of being disciplined and nothing less.

Because if you are not among those gifted few, whose metabolism does the job of keeping them slim, for them, you need to take on the responsibility on yourself.