10 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

Probably, it’s not something you consume regularly. Regardless of whether the food you eat contains cancer causing ingredients, still, almost 1.5 million people have been diagnosed with some sort of disease a year ago. Maybe it’s time to take glance at what is it in our nourishment that could be causing that big a number of tumor patients.

foods cancer causing foods

In this article you’ll discover the top 10 foods that you most probably consume on a daily basis that could cause cancer or create malignancy.

1. Microwave Popcorn

You probably wouldn’t think for a second that popcorn could jeopardize your health, but they can.

First, we should analyze the package itself. According to Wikipedia, microwave popcorn packs are interlined with a material called perfluorooctanoic corrosive (PFOA). You can find this substance in Teflon as well. A recent study at the University of California showed that PFOA is related to barrenness in women. Several researches also said that PFOA can cause bladder, kidney, liver, pancreas and testicular malignancy. You can read more about these findings and the substance itself at

Now we should talk about the material. Different producers use different fixings, but most of them use soybean oil (A GMO item) and other additives, like propyl gallate which is the cause for stomach troubles and skin problems. At the moment, they don’t admit that they use GMO corn pieces and that is because the legislature doesn’t oblige them to. Despite the fact that they don’t use GMO corn, they surely don’t use natural corn.

Furthermore, a synthetic called diacetyl is also connected to the popcorn. The use of this combination Conagra Foods to remove it from their picture of popcorn, ACT, considering the fact that it was causing lung diseases in the laborers at their production line.

2. Pop

You might’ve heard about a recent study conducted in May in the American Journal of Nutrition? It showed that people who consumed more than one pop per day had a higher risk of stroke than the people who didn’t consume carbonated beverages.

Full with sugars, these beverages are vacant source of calories that cause weight gain. Consuming high doses of this processed sugar spikes your glucose and can cause irritation and resistance of insulin. Pop is the main causer of gastro-esophageal efflux malady. That is when the stomach’s substance spill into the throat and causes agony and smoldering of the throat from stomach bitterness.

3. Canned Tomatoes

Because of what the can is lined with, many canned nourishments are a trouble. A substance called bisphenol-An, or BPA is used as a layer of every canned food.

The National’s Proceeding Academy of Science carried out a study in 2013 that showed that BPA has a huge influence on the work of characteristics in the brain of rats. Even the FDA agrees that BPA is a problem because it is trying to replace or minimize the sums in canned foods. We know it must be dangerous when even the careless FDA is worried.

4. Processed Meats

Processed meats are not unimportant rundowns that include frankfurters, bacon, wieners or many lunch meats like bologna or pimento pieces, however they are not excluded.

The diary of BMC Medicine says that the excessive salts and chemicals used for prepared meats are dangerous for your health. The research showed that 1 of 17 people taking part in the research died, and the people who consumed 160 grams or more of processed meats extended their danger of death for 44% in 12 years, rather than those who ate 20 grams or less. In the study participated people from 10 European nations and lasted for 13 years.

5. Farmed Salmon

Although fish is known as a healthy food, you should definitely stay away from farmed salmon. More than 60% of the salmon they eat in the USA is raised in farms.

These fish are fed with artificial foods and are full with chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and other carcinogens. They live in a crowded environment which causes these fish to have 30 times more sea lice than the wild salmon. (Doesn’t it sound tasty?). They feed salmon with chemicals that give their meat a reddish pink color that should be there naturally but it isn’t because of the chicken garbage diet they are fed with.

6. Potato Chips

We all adore these tasty, crunchy snacks, but the joy you get from them is not worth the negative effects they have on your body.

Potato chips have lots of fats and calories, which makes you gain weight. A research carried out in the New England Journal of prescription showed that consuming only one ounce of potato chips every day for a year caused weight gain of 2 pounds. Aside from their trans-fats that can cause raise of cholesterol, they also contain excessive sodium levels, which can trigger hypertension.

7. Processed White Flours

Many of you probably have no idea how dangerous white flour is for your health. Refining grains diminishes their healthy properties. Factories don’t have the patience to wait for the flour to brighten in time; instead, they use a compound called chlorine gas to dye the flour.

The EPA says that chlorine gas is harmful and if you breathe in excessive amounts you could die. There is white flour in many foods. The high level of glycemic in white processed flour raises the levels of glucose and insulin, which can trigger diabetes. By bolstering the phones, it is also believed to be transferring disease cells.

By staying away from processed grains like white flour, you can avoid tumors or starve them, as they mainly sustain on the sugars in your system.

8. GMO’s

Genetically modified organisms are foods that have been adjusted and produced with chemicals.

Dr. Pusztai carried out a study at the Rowett Institute in Scotland where rats were fed GMO food. All rats showed damaged invulnerable framework, pre-dangerous cell developments, together with smaller brains and livers in just ten days. American buyers believe that the FDA sanctioned these GMO foods, but this is not true.

The FDA has no testing methods for GMO foods. Not one. The characteristics present in GM foods exchange to the DNA in the microorganisms in our digestive systems. This was shown by the main human research. American buyers are guinea pigs for this situation. Unfortunately, all grains, together with soybeans, corn and wheat are GMO’s.

9. Refined Sugars

Refined sugars are the best foods for malignancy cells, as well as for increased insulin levels.

Apparently, diseases start with sugars. German Otto Warburg, a Nobel laureate, in 1931 discovered that tumors and malignancies use sugars to maintain themselves, and/or to get bigger. The main goal of diseases cells is to multiply, so they appear to bolster on sweeteners rich in fructose, such as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS); this is because growth cells metabolize HFCS most quickly and without effort.

So, it is understandable why high-fructose corn syrup is considered to be the worst food. Disease rates are very high today because these refined sugars and HFCS are present in cakes, pies, snacks, soft drinks, sauces, juices, grains and many other food that we consume on a daily basis.

10. Artificial Sweeteners

Many people, in order so stay fit or because they have diabetes, use artificial sweeteners. Several studies showed that people who consumed artificial sweeteners all the time have actually put on weight. Also, it helps very little, or not at all to diabetic people.

Artificial sweeteners make it harder to control their glucose levels and worsen conditions identified with diabetes, such as waterfalls and gastro paresis. On some occasions, aspartame has caused shakings, which some people will see as an insulin reaction.