10 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog #6 Was So Harmful!


9. Chocolate

The pleasant smelling of chocolate! It’s, not just us who are addicted to it. If you open a brand new chocolate bar, your silly pooch will come rushing. The smell attracts them too, and of course, sugar is their weakness. So, is it okay to serve them with chocolate in balance? Absolutely NOT!

Some people usually get unclear about this. A part of the reason why is that they are loaded with sugar. But that’s not all. It contains the chemical theobromine, which cannot be broken down by their digestive systems.

While the severity of side effects will depend upon your dog’s size and the amount of chocolate it ate, experts say even as little as 20 milligrams per body weight can be fatal and harmful. Side effects of your dog eating chocolate include internal bleeding, heart attack, seizures, and death.

Well, this next food will surely surprise you.