7 Pro Dog Training Tips that will Change Everything!

3. Attach Your Dog To Yourself Whenever at Home

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When you attach your dog to yourself whenever at home, a couple of things happen.

First, your dog will not get into destructive or aggressive behaviors like chewing or pooping in the house. If you’re monitoring your dog remotely, your dog will actually be more mature and less prone to destroy or cause problems if you are watching them. Think about the most troublesome situations your puppy got into, were they insight

Second, getting your dog attached to you while at home helps their ability to give you their attention regardless of the circumstances. This will pay huge dividends when it comes to training them. It will also help their ability to understand the signals that you are communicating, making your commands a lot easier.

Naturally, this dog training advice is not always possible, but it’s a good idea to keep your pup familiar with you when you’re at home so he or she will be comfortable in your presence.