7 Pro Dog Training Tips that will Change Everything!

2. Perform a Sit-Stay for 5-10 Seconds at Every Door Leading Out of Your Home

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One thing that dog owners often tell me, and which I accept as a given, is how much they dislike it when their dogs try to barge out at them. It seems like such a simple action that only takes seconds to perform, but it can lead to dangerous situations if you live in an area with other dogs or cats or near a busy street.

The most effective way to combat this behavioral issue is to train your dog that going through doors that lead outside is a privilege and that it must be allowed by you. When you go through these doors, your dog should sit down and stay for 5-10 seconds. If they don’t sit down and stay on command, use a leash to guide them back into the house or any other area and then ‘reward’ them with a treat and praise when they return.

Practice makes perfect. Once you have mastered the key skills, it will be much less stressful to experience opening your door.