7 Pain Signs That Could Indicate A Serious Disease

Sometimes we feel pain in different parts of our body; for the most part, pain may be a result of some muscle strain or cramp, sometimes due to heavy exercise, you may feel a little tired, and it’s possible for you to feel pain after that.

7 Pain Signs That Could Indicate A Serious Disease

Sometimes you may feel pain because of an underlying problem from a kidney infection to some major cardiovascular issues; we are going to talk about the pain that could be symptoms of underlying diseases.

1. Lower Back Pain

Since we just talked about kidney infection, here’s a pain that’s associated with it never had an excruciating lower back pain that wouldn’t go away, quite an awful, right!

Now imagine that pain is accompanied with a fever if this ever happens to you then don’t keep it to yourself, chances are you may have one or other form of kidney infection.

There are many recorded cases of kidney infection; one of the most commonly noted symptoms is fever followed or accompanied by lower back pain. So how does an infected kidney affect your lower back, well to understand this let’s begin with what causes kidney infection when bacteria and other microorganisms infest your kidneys your body is unable to get rid of the toxic waste this, in turn, affects your body and causes an infection in your kidneys because the nerves and the kidneys are linked to that of your lower back you end up with back pain.

2. Painful Urination

this is a scenario that is more dangerous for men than it is for women. Have you ever had a ridiculous urge to urinate?

Still, when you go to do the deed, you felt as if your bladder was on fire? There was so much pain that it made you feel very uncomfortable? If this has ever happened to you, then we hate to break it to you. But you need to see a doctor.

According to many experts, painful urination is often a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease. If that’s left untreated, then it can cause significant complications for you.

One of the most well known STDs has gonorrhea. It often has only one symptom, painful urination. This is why we suggest that you go to the doctor.

A problem like this could be too dangerous too, or you could even face problems like loss of fertility and infections around your anus, luckily gonorrhea can be cured with antibiotics.

3. Chest Pain

You woke up one morning and even before you could get out of bed? You’ve realized that you have chest pain? Of course, it could be a result of a mismanaged sleeping position; it could even be because you didn’t drink enough water. While those are possibilities to consider, there is another major thing that you might be ignoring.

You see, when there’s too much pressure on your heart, it affects the surrounding blood vessels, including those of your chest. You could be feeling chest pain because of that as well when there’s too much pressure on your heart; you’re at risk for a heart attack. So what could cause so much pressure on your heart. Well, it could be for many reasons starting from collecting mucus in your chest to a spike in your blood pressure.

Many issues could drive the heart to pump blood at a faster rate when the heart can no longer endure in malfunctions, and this is how we get a heart attack. So next time you have chest pain, don’t ignore it.

4. Severe Headache

there are many reasons for having a headache; it could come complementary alongside cold or fever; in some cases, it could be because of a physical wound. At the same time, there could be other causes like migraine or sinus things could be uglier.

Let’s look at a scenario, for example, suppose your blood pressure is spiked, and you’re feeling a little dizzy, it’s possible for you to feel a horrible headache, this mainly is due to the pressure of the blood vessels near your head. while this headache will go if you can’t control your blood pressure, you shouldn’t ignore it, it’s a known fact that hypertension can lead to strokes. You don’t want to deal with that problem; this is not the only thing a severe headache could also be an indication of carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t worry we’re just trying to tell you the underlying problems that are related to severe headaches on that note; please keep in mind that severe headaches are also associated with brain aneurysms, so if you’re feeling an amount of excruciating pain in your head for more than a day don’t waste time and seek medical help.

5. Pain On Your Toes

All right, this must be confusing; you probably think what could possibly be wrong with the pain in my toes?
Well, a lot of things could be wrong. For starters, it could be because of an infection from a wound that hasn’t been appropriately treated, sometimes when infections aren’t treated right, the bacteria can damage the tissues, but that’s not the only problem that a sore toe indicates.

Often pain in your toes could be because of gout, especially, if it’s your big toes then it could be an indication of gout, in case you’re wondering about gout, it’s actually a type of arthritis when uric acid crystals are formed in your joints, you’ll likely end up with gout.

Is there a way to prevent the forming of uric acids? Yes, there is!

You see, uric acid crystals are formed when your body absorbs too much of red meat or alcohol, luckily it can be controlled just limit your consumption of red meat. You can live without it!

6. Severe Abdomen Pain

your abdomen is one of the most sensitive areas of your body when it’s sore, and you feel pain in that area, it’s mostly due to the problems that are related to digestion. At times though, things can be a little more serious.

For example, it could be an indication of appendicitis, if you ever feel sudden movement on the right side of your abdomen accompanied by a lot of pain then you may have this problem, of course, the next option would be visiting the nearest doctor as a doctor would be able to help you the best.

One more thing, please don’t Google your symptoms; it’s a search engine. You’re not a doctor. It can give you too many options and send you on a wild goose chase.

Speaking of which abdominal pain is related to kidney stones as well as issues with the liver, so make sure you don’t take abdominal pain lightly. Meanwhile, you can make sure that you avoid this scenario altogether by drinking enough amount of water each day.

7. Pain And Calves

This is the one that you probably saw coming, we mean this is the reason that we told you to make sure you’re moving your leg muscles enough.

Due to our modern lifestyle, we end up spending a lot of time sitting and staring at a screen; this prolonged sitting can often form blood clots in our calves. While in the beginning, it might seem very small and not very fatal it’s likely to evolve if it’s not treated immediately or looked at it could develop into deep vein thrombosis, as it grows you feel an intense amount of pain in your calves regularly.

Yes it’s just that bad the problem doesn’t end here though if you ignore it even after forming deep vein thrombosis, and one of the clots cuts lose and manages to enter your bloodstream; it could be a nightmare for you! It could enter your bloodstream and cause an infection, yes, that is quite messy to even think about.

So how about you don’t let it escalate to that level, and visit a doctor as soon as you feel the symptom!

Once again, keep in mind that our purpose is not to scare you but just to spread awareness, so please don’t be afraid of it. Just be more aware of your health and take better care of yourself do.

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