7 Warning Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt

When it comes to nutrition, you’re probably focused on the number of carbs and calories you’ve been eating but have you thought enough about your salt intake. Lately, your daily value of sodium shouldn’t go over 2300 milligrams a day. Yet, the average American consumes over 3400. This opens the door for kidney disease, high blood pressure stroke, and heart attacks.

It’s shockingly easy to go over your daily value of salt; there’s also plenty of telltale signs in this article we’ll discuss them from excessive thirst swelling to even loss of brain function, we’re talking all that and more…

1. Excessive thirst:

If you’re overeating salt, you’re going to get thirsty, and I mean often, let’s say you’re at an outdoor festival or sporting event gorging on nothing but hot dogs and pretzels, you’re going to feel the urge to drink water pretty quickly depending on how much salt you’ve needed to drink water will still be there even after you’ve had some when you eat foods that are high in salt the sodium begins to upset the balance of fluids in your body. The feeling of thirst takes over, as a result, this is why it is encouraged you drink water after an especially salty meal as well as throughout the day while there’s no single rule for water consumption the average adult is recommended to drink at least 2 liters per day, men are told not to go over 3.7 while women are suggested noting over 2.7.

So if you’re planning on spending the night in front of the TV with a bag of salty chips, I suggest that you have a cup of water by your side.

2. Excessive urination

If you’re planning on drinking a lot of water, you may want to prepare yourself for a raging urge to head to the nearest bathroom. However, even if you hadn’t had a ton of water, a salty diet is still accompanied by the sudden need to urinate, especially later in the night.

Did you know that a full bladder wakes up roughly 2 in every three women over the age of 40?

This can lead to mood swings and grogginess come morning time the condition is known as nocturia, while it’s much more common in older people 1 in 3 adults begin to experience it after the 30-year mark. While possible causes include high calcium hormones and kidney disease, scientists have linked the constant urge to urinate with the intake of salt a 2017 study focused on 223 volunteers who were asked to cut their sodium intake by 25%. As a result, their nightly trips to the bathroom were reduced from 2.3 to 1.4  when volunteers increase their sodium their midnight missions to the toilet increased from 2.3to 2.7.

So if you’d like to stop the late-night bathroom trips, you can start by skipping out on those chips while watching TV tonight.

3. strange swelling

Let’s say you did overload on the chips tonight, you may wake up with some serious swelling in unexpected places it’s typically felt around your ankles and fingers, this is caused by the retention of water in the body, swelling around the ankles is particularly alarming this is known as edema, edema occurs when small blood vessels leak into nearby tissues when it happens in your ankles not only does the area swell the skin above that area looks shiny and stretched.

This is generally among the first signs that you’re consuming too much salt in other cases; it can be a sign of a much more serious health condition while it’s most common in the lower areas of the body you may also find swelling in your hands and fingers.

When you’ve overeaten salt, your body will begin to retain water in an attempt to dilute it and stop your cells from being damaged; waking up with a hand-shaped like a winter glove would be quite scary.

So if you’d like to avoid this horror at least go for some unsalted chips tonight.

4. You want more salt:

if that won’t discourage you from overloading on sodium perhaps this will,  eating overly salted foods like chips will only lead to wanting more you begin to crave it think of it as a sweet tooth but for nachos and hot dogs, your salt habit will only grow worse as time progresses at restaurants you may even find yourself using the table salt much more than usual, this could be poison for your health.

Did you know that one single teaspoon of salt can be equal to your full daily value?  remember that’s 2,300 milligrams what are some of your favorite salty foods many of your favorites might appear on a list of the saltiest ever, this includes bread deli meats cheese and are you ready for this?

It’s one that comprises each food I just mentioned pizza yeah ladies and gentlemen when it comes to salt. It doesn’t get much more intense than your favorite party snack. Were you aware that the average slice of pizza carries over 600 milligrams of sodium, this means that eating just three slices exceeds your daily value.

So if you cut back on the salty food you’re urged to eat more salt will simmer down, I know you’re probably craving pizza and chips but try to control yourself.

5. high blood pressure:

If you keep down the steady road of pizza and chips, high blood pressure is bound to be one of the speed bumps, remember! Earlier, when we mentioned how the average American eats 3,400 milligrams in a day well, it’s a massive intake that causes your body to retain more water than it can handle, this puts added pressure on your arteries where the muscle walls swell leaving only small places for blood to travel.

This leads to strain on your heart as it pumps harder and denser from here, a condition known as angina takes form.

Angina is a pressing pain you feel when your heart is not receiving proper blood flow the pain can also be felt in other areas including your shoulders, arms, and neck; what’s scarier is angina is a symptom of coronary heart disease when that first chip enters your mouth tonight know that your arteries and heart are pleading for you to stop.

6. Kidney Problems:

A high sodium diet can inflict significant issues on your kidneys; these organs remove fluid by filtering it into your bladder, it does so by drawing this out of your bloodstream with the help of sodium and potassium.

If there’s too much salt in the body, this process is endured as there’s now excess sodium in your bloodstream. This leads to kidney disease, which alters their function and causes unwanted waste to build up in your system. Additionally, a high sodium intake will increase the level of protein found in your urine it can also increase the amount of calcium which results in kidney stones those chips have to be looking a little less delicious now right?

7. Loss of brain function:

We’ve discussed the effects salt has on your physical state; now it’s time to move on to how it impacts you mentally; not only consult inflict damage on your heart arteries, your brain arteries also suffer.

The sodium can obstruct the blood flow to your head, forcing your brain to go without the proper amount while the pathway to your brain has become smaller the one – dementia has only widened to put it simply dementia is a state where your brain cannot produce proper thoughts since your mind is no longer receiving oxygen and nutrients your cells will not function properly.

This disease gradually worsens a 20-18 study focused on a collection of 5000 men over the age of 65. Those who consumed salt regularly had a 30% greater risk of developing cognitive impairment, which eventually leads to dementia.

If you continually eat salt the strain on your blood pressure will cause your arteries to become clogged, they may even burst from here a portion of your brain will shut down, the result is usually a stroke. Is this something you want?

I didn’t think so, so if you’ve had one or more bags of chips today already okay, I think you get the message by now.

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