7 Tricks for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

If you thought that you can get a flat stomach with crunches and by doing cardio, think again. Yes, doing crunches helps. And of course, you need cardio exercises to burn fat. But that is just half of the solution to the problem. The other half is much harder, to be honest. You need to look at your diet, your preparation for working out, and much more. That being said, let’s take a look at 7 tricks and things you need to do if you want to get rid of belly fat.

Get moving

You need to be in constant motion. Doing cardio for one hour or two hours per week will not get the job done. When you are in constant motion, your body burns more fat. Focus on activities that get your heart rate up. That includes running, walking, biking, swimming, and climbing stairs. There are ways how to get more cardio and movement per day.

Stretch before you do abs

People often underestimate the value of stretching before and after a workout. You cannot just jump into doing abs. You need to stretch properly. If you do not stretch, you will target different muscles. Your body will compensate by using hips and back to do abs, not your stomach area.

Do not forget the protein

There are countless benefits of consuming more protein. For starters, protein burns more fat and provides energy for your muscles. Protein is the main building block of muscles. When you burn belly fat, you want to have muscles under the fatty tissue. And you can get muscles only by increasing your protein intake. In addition, protein protects your body against insulin resistance. You can increase your protein intake by adding some protein powder to your smoothies. You do not have to pile up on meat.

Sleep, and more sleep

Everything is connected to getting enough sleep. There is a reason why scientists recommend getting 6 to 7 hours of sleep per day. Getting enough sleep reduces stress, which in turn eliminates sugar and food cravings. No sugar cravings, no stress eating, and no belly fat.

Keep stress levels low

Speaking of stress, getting enough sleep is just one way to reduce stress. But you also need to focus on relaxing. Spend time with friends and family to relax. Try meditation. Or even try some exercises that reduce stress and help you get rid of bad energy. When you are not stressed, you make better decisions.

Drink enough water

You’ve probably heard it over and over, but you really need to get those 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. And yes, hydration is crucial for your overall health, but also for your belly fat. Drinking water will keep your metabolic rate in check, which in turn burns calories. And even more importantly, when you are well hydrated, you have the strength and energy to go through your exercise routine.


Drinking apple cider vinegar or any vinegar for that matter helps you lose weight. Every health and weight loss expert recommends a teaspoon or two of vinegar per day. The acid found in the vinegar helps your body produce compounds and chemicals that burn up fat. The easiest way to get more vinegar is to add it to your salad.