8 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

The weather is warmer than usual and we’re going to spend most of our time outside. Whether it’s a picnic or just taking walk, I’m sure it will be a lovely day. But I wouldn’t bet on an absence of ants. Yes, ants love warm weather and they are brazen pests. If you plan to make a barbecue, don’t forget the insect spray.

8 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

These insects can be troublesome. From their small size to their ability to carry disease and leave a trail of dead bodies, they’re the biggest threat to your home. These ants are the real deal! They are particularly annoying in the spring when they come to your window and feast on your crops.

We have compiled a fantastic list of ingenious ways to deal with ants. No matter where you are on the ant-life spectrum, there’s something here for everyone.

These tips will give you the tools you need to finally get rid of your pesky pests for good.

1.Clean the tops of soda cans before recycling

Wash Your Soda Cans

Before you toss your soda cans into the recycling bin, rinse them with water to remove any remaining sugar that ants will enjoy. Food packaging such as syrup bottles and juice boxes should also be cleaned well before being placed in airtight containers.

Almost every household has a few opened or half-eaten packages of food in their pantry. So, you’ll want to purchase air-tight containers to store opened food packages in your home.

2. Build A Picnic Table Moat

2. Build A Picnic Table Moat

The next time you’re sitting at a picnic table enjoying lunch, it would be nice if ants didn’t come crawling out from under the table legs.

A simple solution that can prevent ants from joining you at a picnic is simply to place disposable pie tins or other containers under each leg of the table, fill them with water, and let ants have a hard time crossing the tiny moat.

3. Make A Borax-Sugar Trap

Make A Borax-Sugar Trap

If you’ve got kids or pets, tread lightly with this tip. Borax is highly toxic to children and animals.

For all those ants and bugs that love to eat sweets, here is a great way to get rid of them. Mix the borax powder into sugar with a little water and make a paste. You can use this to kill bugs, ants, cockroaches, and other pests.

Tupperware is an inexpensive and durable way to store your mixture. Simply poke holes in the top and sides, place the container on a few boxes to keep it steady, and let the ants come and go until the Borax wipes out their colony.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

A little cayenne pepper can help deter ants. Putting out a few bowls with cayenne powder at the entrance to your home can help keep unwanted ant invasions at bay.

After you find the anthill, you can see that it’s lined with a spicy-looking substance. To neutralize the ants you should pour boiling water on the anthill. You may want to use cayenne-flavored hot water in order to flush out the ants. This spicy liquid will make the ants very uncomfortable and make them leave your home.

5. Will vinegar get rid of ants?

Spray Some Vinegar

No single method is guaranteed to eliminate an ant colony, but combining a few tricks in the right order can make your life easier.

Most ants are oblivious to the world around them, but they can smell food when it’s close by. Vinegar will cause them to lose their sense of smell, which will make it easier for you to track them down.

If you see ants in your home, make sure to spray a bit of vinegar on the ant trail and check where it goes. You’ll likely find it leads back to an ant colony.

6. Safeguard Your Space

Citrus Peel Spray

Once you’ve gotten rid of the ants by using any of the many available solutions, be sure to get rid of their pheromones.

These pheromones make the ants more likely to return, so you’ll have to eliminate them completely before you can put any kind of ant-free seal on your home. To do this, fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water with a drop of dish soap.

7. Baking Soda & Powdered Sugar Method

This is a great alternative to the boric acid/sugar method to get rid of ants. I prefer this method because it is a bit more natural and definitely less messy. This method combines powdered sugar and baking soda, and ants will be drawn to the sweet mixture.

Thoroughly mix baking soda and sugar into a thick paste. Put some of the paste on areas of ant activity, and others on places where you’ve seen ants carrying tiny droppings. Just like with the borax solution, resist the urge to kill the ants that swarm because you need them to take the mixture back to the colony.

When they take the sugar they also get the baking soda, which acts with the acid in their digestive system and destroys them.

8. Can Lemon Peels Really Keep Ants Away?

Citrus Peel Spray

Waste not, want not. This is a great and fun way to use leftover fruits and vegetables, particularly citrus peels. It may be difficult to identify what’s left behind after a lemon or an orange is used as a dessert, but this easy DIY project can help you figure it out.

How to get rid of ants using citrus peel spray?

Add citrus peels to a pot, then add enough vinegar to cover them. Heat the mixture until it’s steaming-hot, but not boiling, then turn the stove off and let the liquid sit for a few hours, overnight if you can. In the morning, strain the liquid into a spray bottle and spritz the mixture anywhere you’ve seen ants.