If You Blow On Your Thumb, Here is the Effect it Will Have On Your Body

The human body is a very mysterious, sometimes even strange system. A problem may arise out of the blue and be solved out of the blue. And some secrets to controlling the body are simply amazing!

If You Blow On Your Thumb, Here is the Effect it Will Have On Your Body

Here are 8 unusual but helpful tips:

1. To relieve a sore throat.

Hot tea, of course, also helps, as does rinsing with saline or soda. But there is another little-known way to get rid of a sore throat – you just need to scratch your ear! Otolaryngologists claim that it stimulates the nerve endings of the auricle, creating a muscle spasm in the throat.

2. To calm the nerves.

If you feel that your nerves are at the limit and you urgently need to calm down, wash in cold water. It will make you hold your breath for a while and cool the nerve receptors. The body begins to consume more oxygen, and your nervous system calms down. A glass of cold water has approximately the same effect.

3. To overcome the fear of injection.

Some people find it very difficult to get courage before an injection. Next time, before the nurse inserts the needle, cough a little – this will help you distract the brain from the painful procedure. Just warn about the manipulation of the person who will give you an injection!

4. To clean a clogged nose.

Press your tongue against the palate, and with your fingers, push the area above the eyebrows. After 20 seconds, you will feel better!

5. To prevent burn scars.

If you’re burned, do not rush to run after the ice compress – gently press the fingertips on the affected area. So the temperature of this area will return to average body temperature more slowly, and therefore more naturally. As a result, there will be no burn scar!

6. To get rid of toothache.

This trick is especially useful if you have sensitive teeth. If you feel a growing toothache, put an ice pack on the back of your hand, and then move it to the cavity between your index finger and thumb. It is there that both manual and facial nerve endings pass. They will transmit a corresponding signal to the brain, and the pain will subside.

7. To relieve nervousness.

A familiar situation: you are going to an important meeting, dress, prepare, but can’t think of anything because of nerves? Oddly enough, to calm down and return to a healthy state, you need to blow on your thumb! It is he who is accountable for the so-called vagus nerve, which regulates the heart rate. You will calm down right away!

8. To get rid of migraines.

Press the muscles between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand with the thumb and middle finger of the left. Hold for 2 minutes and repeat on the other side. This point is used in acupressure to relieve tension and stimulate blood supply.

Are you ready to try these unexpected tricks?