12 Signs Your Cat Really Loves You

Sure, cats have a bad reputation as being aloof and less affectionate than dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their owners. Cats can be just as affectionate and loving toward their owners as their canine counterparts, but they tend to express their love in subtler ways. It can be more difficult for humans to read their feline friend’s feelings, but if you take the time to get to know your cat, you’ll be able to appreciate their unique brand of love.

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Although cats may sometimes act like they don’t care, if you pay close attention, you’ll find that your cat is likely sending you many signals that you are their favorite human.

If you’re curious where to start, this article contains a list of the 12 most common ways your cat shows they love you. Keep in mind that they’re different for every cat, every situation, and every personality. But knowing at least a few of these may help you decipher the various ways your cat is communicating with you.

This list on the next page contains clues that will help you understand your cat better and know how your cat is saying “I LOVE YOU” without you knowing.

1. She Always Just Happens to Be in the Same Room as You

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Perhaps your feline friend enjoys cuddling with you on the couch in different ways than a dog might. Although they may not be as excited as you are about receiving belly rubs and head pats, this doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy your company.

Although cats can be particular about the amount of physical affection they can tolerate, you have likely noticed that your cat frequently just happens to be hanging out in the same room you are in, watching you from afar. If you get up to go to a different room, don’t be surprised if your furry friend is close behind.

Cats often prefer to be near their favorite people. Though independent by nature, they still enjoy spending time with those they love. If your cat loves you, she’ll love being near you, even if she doesn’t want you to be too close all the time.

2. She Gives You Kitty Kisses (The “Slow Blink”)

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When your cat blinks slowly, it usually means that she is showing her affection for you. This is a sign that is often missed by humans, but you can watch for it if you know what to look for. If your cat looks at you and slowly blinks her eyes, it means that she trusts you and cares about you. When a cat blinks slowly around people or cats they trust, experts affectionately refer to it as a “kitty kiss.” This behavior is often seen as a sign of affection.

When you next see your cat slowly blinking at you, try mimicking her slow blinks to return her kitty kisses! What better way to show your beloved pet that you love her than in her own language?

3. She Gives You Love Bites

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In order to better understand how your cat expresses her love for you, it’s important to be able to differentiate between a playful nip and a more aggressive bite. A love bite will barely cause any pain, whereas an aggressive bite will hurt significantly. If you’re not sure whether your cat is giving you a love bite or an aggressive one, watch out – a playful nip can quickly turn into a full-blown bite if your cat gets overexcited!

In order to play with you, your cat may nibble on your toes or arm. She likely considers you one of her favorite humans!

4. She Shows You Her Fluffy Tummy

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Cats are very careful about who they show their tummies to – it’s a sign of trust. If your cat is lying or rolling on the floor with her tummy up, she is vulnerable. She will only get into this position when she feels safe and trusts you. When a cat exposes her tummy, it means she feels protected and loved.

It seems your cat is trying to coax you into playing. Cats know that no human can resist petting a soft and cuddly kitty. Be careful if you try to pet her tummy, though, as it might be a trap!

5. She Headbutts You

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One of the most special ways that cats show affection to other animals is by gently bumping their heads together and rubbing their cheeks. For humans who also love to get close to the creatures they love, this is one of the sweetest things your little kitty can do.

When a cat headbutts or rubs her head against you, she is communicating her affection for you. She is depositing pheromones from special glands on her face onto you, which will make you feel happy and loved.

Cats use their heads to gently but firmly bump their owners as a way of marking them as their own. If your cat headbutts you often, they are trying to tell other cats that you belong to them.

6. She Meows at You

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Although adult cats generally only meow to get the attention of humans, kittens meowing to their mothers is an exception. Cats rarely meow at other cats, except for when they are trying to get someone’s attention.

Cats have been living with humans for centuries, and during that time they have learned that vocalizations are the best way to communicate with us. After all, we are a species that just won’t stop talking! Cats’ meows are their closest approximation of communicating in a way that humans can understand.

Felinesuse meowing as a way to communicate with humans. By meowing back and forth, you can think of it as a sort of conversation between you and your cat. Your cat is trying to speak your language, and you, in turn, are giving your best attempt at speaking their language.

Some people believe that cats purposely meow the way they do to imitate human babies in order to get humans to want to care for them. Cats care about their favorite humans, and they want to make sure their humans care about them in return!

7. She Brings You Gifts

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Your cat may also show her appreciation for all you do for her by bringing you gifts. While you may not appreciate a dead mouse or bird in your bed at seven in the morning, your cat is only thinking of you when she selects such presents. Cats are natural hunters, and she only wants to share her latest hunting trip with you, her best friend.

You have a cat, and your cat has probably noticed that you don’t seem to bring home your own kills too often. So your cat is only trying to make sure you are well fed when she shares her kills. You open a can to give your cat food every day. Your cat only wants to return the favor and make sure you’re well-fed.

8. She Makes Biscuits on You

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The next time you’re feeling a little stiff, don’t be surprised if a furry friend comes to your rescue. Cats have a knack for kneading their way into your muscles and providing much-needed relief. So the next time you’re feeling sore, don’t be surprised if a little kitty comes to your rescue!

Cats often knead their claws into anything they can get their paws on as a way to show their affection for you – from couches and blankets to bodies and beds. Even if their claws come out in the process, it’s not an aggressive gesture. It’s a sweet way to let you know they see you as a source of comfort.

9. You Get Her Purr Motor Running

cat Purr Motor Running

When cats feel safe and content, they often purr as a way of showing happiness. If your cat purrs every time you pet or plays with her, it means she feels very comfortable around you and enjoys your company. The louder your cat purrs in your presence, the more content she is to be around you.

When your cat is purring loudly, it means she feels relaxed, safe, and content. If your cat loves you very much, you might even notice her purring becoming more intense when you pet her.

10. She Grooms You

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If your cat licks your hair or ears, she is likely grooming you as part of her family. Cats that are close to one another often groom each other as a sign of affection. So if your cat licks you, she is likely trying to show that she cares for you.

This strengthens the bond between cats and helps create a sense of unity within the group. Cats typically don’t groom members of other species, but if your cat tries to groom you, it shows that she trusts and respects you as a member of her family.

11. She Naps With You

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When a cat curls up next to you for a nap, it’s a sign that you two share a close bond. Some cats rest next to their humans to ensure that they’re protected, while others do it as a way of showing dominance. But even if your kitty thinks it’s in charge, that doesn’t mean it loves you any less. It just may need to protect you more.

The presence of a cat, sleeping on or near you, is a sign of trust and security. This usually indicates that the cat views you as a part of their family. With their original family no longer around, you become their chosen family.

12. Her Tail Twitches When She Sees You

The mood of a cat can be easily guessed by observing its tail. When cats are particularly happy, they will hold their tail up high with the tip of their tail twitching slightly. Just make sure they aren’t swishing their tail back and forth quickly, which usually indicates agitation rather than contentment.

If your cat approaches you with her tail held high and her body language indicating happiness, she is happy to see you. Cats are happiest when they are near their favorite people and they can express this happiness through their body language.

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