22+ Photos At Walmart That Will Have You Crying Tears Of Laughter

Walmart may have the best deals around, but it’s recently become a goldmine for more than just rollback prices. With stores in every single state, it’s become a treasure trove of sociological research in the age of smartphones. People just can’t help but snap and post some of the funniest folks popping up at this iconic superstore. With more than 11,695 locations, you’re bound to have at least a few crazies going in and out every day! It’s no conspiracy, really.

1. Meet Mystique!

In the world of celebrities, running into one at Walmart is not that unusual. Regardless, it is a bit more exciting when you are able to spot a celebrity at a store like Walmart, where they are able to blend in with the rest of the shoppers. However, to run into a Marvel Comics character on a typical day at the grocery would have been a special treat!

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

She walks through the Walmart doors, her blue skin and yellow eyes catching the attention of all around her. She’s dressed as Mystique from X-Men, and it’s clear she’s nailed the look. No one can resist taking a quick picture of this cosplayer, and she seems to be enjoying the attention.

I literally fell down laughing at these hilarious Walmart photos on the following page 😂😂

2. A traffic cone shopper

This stunning photo wasn’t captured during the spooky season, but rather during the times of COVID-19. Some of you may know that, in order to avoid contracting the virus, people would put on a face mask every time they left their house. However, this didn’t mean you couldn’t be creative and have fun with your look!

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

This shopper probably thought that it would be invigorating to make the most of that orange gear. With that striking color, a traffic cone costume was just perfect. The triangular hat can even shield her head from the sun!

3. Baby Goat Anyone?

Walmart shoppers often visit the superstore to buy from a huge selection of products and score the best deals. More often than not, they are greeted with unexpected sights, such as random animals grocery shopping and fellow customers wearing strange outfits.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

If you have a great sense of humor, take a break from all the stressful happenings and negative views around the world with some clean fun and good entertainment by looking at these fascinating photos taken at different Walmart stores.

4. Properly Posing In Walmart

I’ve never seen someone pose for a picture in Walmart like that before. It’s almost as if they’ve done it before. I’m not sure why they always choose the electronics aisle for these types of photoshoots, but I guess no one is complaining.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

This woman confidently snapping photos at Walmart seems to love every minute of it! She’s probably captured tons of beautiful shots before finding the perfect one.

5. She’s on a roll!

We’ve all been there: that moment when you realize you’ve got toilet paper stuck to your clothes or at the bottom of your shoe. It’s embarrassing, but often times we’re lucky that others let us know in time.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

Perhaps this woman was cunningly aware that she had wipes tucked away in her waistband, and brought her toilet paper game to this Walmart superstore as part of her makeup shopping?

6. Sun’s out, guns out

It’s always nice to feel the sun on your skin. Whether you’re a woman or a man, there’s nothing like feeling the warm breeze on your arms and chest. So why not show off your skin when the weather is warm? Rock a sleeveless shirt and feel the sun on your skin!

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

This patron has a reputation for never getting a cold shoulder. His fellow buyers are well aware of that and they take advantage of it by always being on good terms with him. When the sun is out, the guns are out too. His tattoos are definitely a conversation starter.

7. No shirt, no problem

In action films, the lead characters often find themselves in difficult situations, with little clothing to their name. However, they never give up and always find a way to come out on top. Afterward, they might head to the nearest superstore to buy some clothes and discuss their next move.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

If this unlikely pair wasn’t part of any movie production, it would still be totally cool. They don’t have to worry about their wardrobe as long as they have money to spend on new outfits. The carton is a fashionable statement for being eco-friendly.

8. Color him patriotic

We’re going to make a wild guess and say that this photo featuring a patriotic gentleman was snapped on the Fourth of July. That’s the only logical explanation for running into someone in an American flag-inspired outfit. Everyone usually wears the same color scheme during that national celebration.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

The old man’s love for the United States may be so great that even if our hypothesis proves us wrong, he would still continue to love it. And what better way to show your patriotism than by sporting a star-spangled jumpsuit?

9. It’s that time of the month

It’s not just the Walmart shoppers, you know, sometimes it’s the brands, too. This photo wasn’t captured in the personal hygiene section; it was rather taken along the aisle where you can find the pool accessories. Hasn’t anyone floated this idea with the ladies?

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

This unique pool floating bed is sure to make a splash with both male and female customers! It’s the perfect way to relax and cool off during the hot summer months. Plus, you can rest assured that this sanitary product accessory is leak-free!

10. Cheese Puff Anyone?

If you’re not living your best life by buying your favorite snack in an outfit like this, are you truly living? Walmart is never short of people wearing whatever makes them feel their best!

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

We can’t help but wonder if this is a model’s photoshoot or if we just happened to stumble upon a candid moment. Either way, we can’t help but stare at this amazing photo.

11. He literally shopped ’til he dropped

This little boy seemed to not enjoy grocery shopping like the other kids. He would have rather stayed at the arcade and played games. Instead, he decided to take a nap.

Photo Courtesy:

If we were these child’s guardians, we would definitely have him explore the world around him through his eyes, and not through his tantrums. Great job on finding a place to sleep at the supermarket, even if it’s not very comfortable!

12. The cat’s not out of the bag!

Our furry friends are the best! We love and adore them so much that we can’t even leave them at home while we do a grocery run. This owner who came shopping with his feline friend obviously understands what it’s like to love and adore our pets.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

Thanks to the people who invented a see-through backpack for domesticated animals, the male purchaser can now keep an eye on his beloved cat even when he’s away from home. Through its master’s efforts have been met with indifference, the furry one will be safe and sound in the see-through backpack.

13. It’s blending right in

Did you happen to spot it at a glance? Our eyes couldn’t take it in! The camouflage print was as if it was hiding something from us as if it was a magic trick. If we were standing next to this person in line, we would have quickly moved to another cashier.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

Still can’t spot it? Look closely at the man’s shoulder- there’s a small white rat sitting pretty! It’s like a scene straight out of the Pixar film Ratatouille. Could this little one be the man’s best friend, or is it just a random rodent that came from somewhere else?

14. Statement shirts are out

Statement hoodies are the new statement shirts! This Walmart shopper put her feelings on display and we’re here for it. There’s nothing like telling the world how you really feel.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

Clearly, this female shopper felt comfortable in her Sunday’s best. As a shopper yourself, you might have noticed that the customers who visit the hypermarkets can be in any mood that they want to be in as long as they don’t harm other people. Where can we get the same sweatshirt?

15. A quirky headdress

Is that his hair? Nope, this very tall young fella is wearing an animal wig on his head. Now why on Earth would this gent choose that look? We’re not sure, but we hope this picture was taken on Halloween. That would make up for an easy and instant costume.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

Despite not donning an eccentric headpiece, the tall man still managed to stand out from the rest shopping at Walmart. His incredible height was the only thing that set him apart from the other shoppers. The only remaining question is where he got his toupee from. Did he bring it with him from home, or did he buy it from the store?

16. Bread Shopping At Its Finest

We love our carbohydrates, and it seems like she does too! She’s already reached for one snack, but we’re curious about what she’ll choose next…maybe a bagel?

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

There’s nothing wrong with a crop top and jean shorts when doing your all-important grocery shopping. We recommend checking the temperature of the store before you venture out in this type of outfit – you never know when the weather might take a turn for the worse!

17. Walk down a different aisle

We’ve never seen a Walmart wedding before, but we witnessed a lovely ceremony between Tammi and Gerome Taylor. They renewed their vows not only in front of their family and friends but in front of Walmart shoppers and staff, too!

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

Why would these two celebrate their marriage at a Walmart? You see, that special spot played a significant role in Tammi and Gerome’s love story. About ten years ago, they met each other while shopping at the megastore’s self-checkout counter. Aww!

18. It’s the most wonderful time!

If you want proof of how busy the Holiday season in the United States can be, all you have to do is drop by at any Walmart store. There, you’ll witness shoppers fighting for every last item on Black Friday and scoring the most incredible deals. You won’t only catch sight of game faces, but out-of-this-world outfits too.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

This sassy Santa Claus took his costume to the next level by wearing a bright pink spaghetti dress and striped stockings and then topping it with the iconic Santa hat. We are loving those matching heels and purses!

19. Your next hairstyle inspo

There are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can find at Walmart- from groceries to clothing to essential household supplies. Even if you’re looking for a new hairstyle, Walmart is a great place to start. Just take a look at this photo of a man with a nearly bald head- if only he would have made sure his barber got every last hair. Hopefully, this photo will inspire men to make sure their barbers do a good job or even convince them to try out this haircut for themselves!

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

We’re not entirely sure why this bloke sported this look, but we think it might have been out of boredom with the same style. Perhaps he fell short of the payment he needed, or maybe it was a dare or a consequence from losing a bet.

20. A vacation from the North Pole

Hey kids, we have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that Santa traded his one-horse open sleigh for a modern mobility scooter. The good news is that he’s decided to stay at Walmart, so your gifts will still arrive on time! Just kidding!

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

This is a different Santa Claus, a jolly old man in the Holiday costume. At the superstore, you can always feel the Christmas spirit. Plus, it’s understandable why he came down the aisle instead of the chimney.

21. Helpful Shoppers

The shoppers at Walmart are always looking out for one another. It seems this gentleman is making sure this customer is extra safe while she is shopping. He is keeping a close eye on her while she gets her shop on, ensuring she is safe and sound.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

The gentleman’s intense stare seems to suggest that he is deeply concerned about the tank top packs she is buying. Perhaps he is considering giving her some quality advice.

22. It’s… a bird

Why not put cats in a bag? They would be just as happy as the birds soaring all over the supermarket. But we’ll never know for sure since this grandpa right over here is the only one who could tell us how he felt when this huge parrot landed on his back. Any other harmless flying animal would have been tolerable if it weren’t as loud and sharp-taloned as this one.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

This blue and yellow-hued parrot looks every bit fascinating. Let’s just hope it doesn’t give its unsolicited advice to other buyers… and that it doesn’t scream too loudly!

23. Incredible customer service

When you’re navigating a supermarket for the first time, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the number of products. But don’t worry, all shoppers have been in your shoes. The best way to get started is to ask an employee where you can find what you’re looking for.

Photo Courtesy: People of Walmart/Twitter

This clever employee found a way to make sure that customers received the help they needed during the Holiday season. He came up with a plan to make sure that the canned pumpkin was in the correct aisle during Thanksgiving.

24. That Hair Though

Ok, Woah – that’s one impressive dreadlock. There’s no way this doesn’t hold a place in the Guinness World Book of Records for the world’s longest and thickest dreads.

This hairstyle has become more mainstream over the years. Although they may not be the most hygienic, they can look pretty cool if you maintain them well. It must have taken this person a lot of time and a significant amount of dedication to growing this dread so long….or they could be in serious need of a haircut. It’s clear that this person takes a lot of pride in their hairstyle, and it’s a look that can turn heads.