10 Most Essential Tricks To Establish The ” PERFECT WOMAN IMAGE”

Feminine sophistication knows no bounds, especially when it comes to a gorgeous look.
It is possible to make yourself look attractive as you hurry, using the basic tools you have at that moment.

Women’s ingenuity can achieve perfect results against all the odds!
We have collected here a collection of tips for each occasion. They will, therefore, help out of difficult situations and will, therefore, always look and feel at your best!

1. How to prevent bra straps from peeking under the undershirt

Sew a rack with a zippered bag button under each shoulder. This will help keep bra straps in place and prevent them from slipping out.

2. How to get rid of old lacquer when you run out of polish

Apply a new coat of nail polish on the nails and then wipe it with cotton wool before it dries. The old nail polish will be removed with the fresh one.

3. How to straighten small wrinkles in clothing

The quickest way to get rid of the wrinkles between the buttons and collar is to iron them with a straightener.

4. How to fix unlocked shoelaces

Unlined shoelaces look messy. You can quickly regain their shape by applying transparent nail polish.

5. How to quickly remove static electricity from your clothes

To get rid of the unpleasant static, rub the bottom of the garment with an anti-static napkin.

6. How to get rid of unpleasant smells from your shoes

To beat the irritating odor, put small sacks of cloth, filled with baking soda powder inside your shoes and leave them overnight. The soda powder will absorb the fluids in the shoe, and the odor problem will disappear in no time!