10 Most Essential Tricks To Establish The ” PERFECT WOMAN IMAGE”


7. How to stop a train in your tights

To temporarily prevent a hole or train from growing in your tights, spray the hair spray area, or apply transparent nail polish.

8. How to make a pleasant smell for your clothes and laundry

Use aromatic soap in the drawers and shelves of the cupboard. We especially recommend putting pieces of scented soaps with the linens; you will feel the difference every time you go to bed.

9. How to Wear a Bracelet the Easiest Way

Want to know what is the easiest way to wear a bracelet without help? Take a piece of duct tape and paste one end of the bracelet to the wrist.

10. How to wear bras with dresses with the back exposed

The problem is therefore easily solved by sewing the bra directly to the dress!

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