13 Foods to Eat If You Are Diabetic


Today we’re going to talk about some so-called superfoods.
That is not just good for everyone but, especially for those with diabetes, there are two types of diabetes type 1 and type 2.
40.000 people will be diagnosed with type one diabetes this year; this is the type of diabetes that means the body does not produce insulin, which is the hormone that helps to get glucose from the bloodstream where it’s needed in your body.

Type two is the most common form of diabetes; this typically means your body can’t use insulin properly with the help of exercise, and diet, you can help your body control its blood sugar levels. But often, medication or insulin is needed.

Both types are treatable, but in today’s article, we’re going to give you a list of foods that will help your body when it comes to diabetes. Keep in mind the words superfood doesn’t really have any official meanings, so be wary when you see it now onto our list of healthy foods for diabetes.

1. Beans

We wanted to start with the one that isn’t too scary if you’re new to the world of healthy eating you can find a million and one awesome and easy recipes that can help you incorporate more beans into your daily meal plan.
Beans is a pretty broad label like when we see beans it can mean anything from Kidney¬†beans lagoons to chickpeas or lentils. There’s a ton of variety. Lintels are especially good.
In a study of more than three thousand people, it was discovered that those who made lentils and legumes a big part of their diet had the lowest rate of diabetes.

Kidney beans are also another great one when talking about diabetes; one study showed the kidney beans could keep blood sugar levels from spiking after a meal. In general, beans are packed with essential vitamins and minerals like potassium magnesium and are high in fibre.