6 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

Heart diseases, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, cancer and etc. are diseases that can be prevented by consuming garlic.  With every day consuming of this product anyone, contributes to the improvement of their health. Garlic is an antioxidant. This kind of vegetable is easy applicable cure for every diseases in every day living.

6 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

So let’s discover the 6 proven health benefits of garlic you should absolutely know:

1.Helps to prevent the emergence and proliferation of acne

Two cloves of garlic smash and add them on the inflammation, you will be amazed and thrilled from the effects for just a few minutes.

2. Herpes on lips

It’s an infection – viral that appears on lips and gives very unpleasant and bad exterior on every ones face. It’s easy for curing – one piece of clean garlic put directly on the herpes and hold it about 10 min.  If you want to succeed for a short period of time you should do this 5 times on a day.

3. Inflammation of the ear is treated with garlic

We will give you one recipe that is easy for preparing but it gives incredible results. Smash garlic in a spoon with hot olive oil and allow the mixture to stand for one hour. You should put a few drops, twice a day from this mixture in the ear  and your ear for a few days will be cured.

4. Piece of wood under the skin

It can happen very often small piece of wood to get under the skin, but all of us will agree that it’s very difficult to remove. That’s way we are going to tell you one twist. Well, garlic put on the place where the piece of the wood is and covered with plaster, for a few of hours the wood will be out.

5. It helps in hair lost

This magnificent plant can help every person who has increasing hair loss. The high percent of B6 vitamin that garlic has can help any one that have this kind of problems in a very easy way. Well, you should massage with garlic oil your root of the hair for 10 min. several times a week.

6. You can use garlic for cough – as a syrup

Its antibiotic action can prevent and stop the cough. Finely chopped garlic two or three cloves you can put in a 100ml/0.42 cups of water that’s boiling. Drink as a tea after 20 minutes.

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

  • Carbohydrates 33.06g
  • Energy 623 kJ (149 kcal)
  • Protein 6.36 g
  • Dietary fiber 2.1 g
  • Sugars 1g