8 Incredible Garden Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

1. Wine Bottle Plant Waterer

 Wine Bottle Plant Waterer
Wine Bottle Plant Waterer @soapwarehouse /

Materials Needed: Wine bottle, water

If you are big on recycling, here is an opportunity to put to use those empty wine bottles that are just lying around.

So, what do you do when you plan to go on a summer vacation, and there is no one around to water your garden? Simply grab some of those empty wine bottles you have in the house and convert them into an automatic watering system.

Here is how you do it;

• thoroughly rinse out the wine bottle;
• fill it up with water; and
• stick the long neck-deep into the planter or soil.

The water in the wine bottle will slowly seep out for several days, allowing the soil to stay evenly damp. This hack shouldn’t cost you money, but if you don’t have a wine bottle, get one at a supermarket for as low as $5.