13 Practical Ways Of Using Banana Peels For Everyday Life

So you consider banana as a superfood, and you never miss it in your daily diet, you added to your smoothies, your banana bread, your oatmeal, and even use it as a substitute for eggs in baking.

But what happens when the peel comes off I’m guessing most of you just throw it away in the trash, well it’s time you stopped this banana peel in the trash nonsense.

There are some fantastic things you can do with these banana peels, they can be used in your kitchen as a cleaning product or in your beauty routine. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about the variety of uses you can put a banana peel too.

These can range from whitening your teeth, relieving itches, to fertilizing your plants, and many more… Keep reading till the end to find out all of them.

1. Relieves itches (10. Will blow your mind)

itching at night

Are you tired of going through gallons of that disgusting pink calamine lotion every summer?

Well, not anymore, banana peels contain polysaccharides, which can quickly reduce inflammation, and relieve itches. The next time you have poison ivy or bug bites, skip the pink stuff, and pick up a bunch of bananas instead of the inside of the banana peel over the rash and see those rashes go away!

2. Polish your silver

the next time you notice your silver jewellery or crockery becoming Dolan tarnished, try using a banana peel.

The banana peel contains potassium, which can help clean metal objects and make them shiny just blend banana peels of water to make a paste, then rub your silver with the paste for a couple of minutes. You’ll notice your silver has regained its lustre and shine.

3. Fight acne

you can also use banana peels for acne treatment; banana peels are rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial for your skin.

They contain vitamin C vitamin E. iron potassium and zinc; these nutrients can fight acne and reduce skin inflammation. They also help in restoring your skin’s natural glow.

To use this banana peel benefit, just use the banana peel on the affected skin and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with water, repeat daily to observe the best results. It’s important to note that these home remedies for skincare can take time and gradually show results don’t expect to witness a change overnight.

4. Fix a scratched CD or DVD

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you want to play those old CD’s or DVD’s but can’t because of the scratches. Banana peel is here to the rescue; just rub the back of the desk in a gentle circular motion with the inside of the peel, then wipe off the residue with a soft cloth and lightly spray the disk with glass cleaner and buffet until it looks clean. The wax in the peel will fill the scratches without harming the plastic finish, so the disc in place movie without skips.

5. Reduce wrinkles

botox for forehead wrinkles forehead lines at 20

in the 21 century, everyone wants to stay young, but since everyone can afford the plastic surgery lasers and all the other scientific methods, the natural way for you to look more youthful.

You get facial wrinkles from the skin loses its elasticity and loses its firmness, the anti-oxidant and vitamin C in bananas can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

First, prepare your skin: use a mild cleanser to get rid of the oil entered on your skin; don’t scrub! It will be harsh on your skin, especially if you have acne. Now take a right banana and cut its peel into chunks and rubbed the inner part directly to your skin for 10 to 15 minutes in a circular motion, keep a check if the peel is turning black from the inside, if that’s the case it means that the people need to be replaced now.

Now, let your skin absorb all the moisture for at least 4 to 5 hours, you can do this before you go to sleep, so that stays on your face overnight, then rinse off with cold water do this daily for best results.

6. Relieve headaches and migraine pain

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This might sound a little weird, but banana peels can provide you with quick relief from these pains just lie a banana peel on your forehead and placed the ice compact on the peel, it should assist with even the most severe migraines.

It works because the cold helps your head absorb the potassium from the banana; this has been shown effective in assisting people in relieving headache pain, and it’s completely safe to do.

7. Remove yellow stains from your teeth

really yellow teeth teeth whitening damage enamel natural yellow teeth

Banana peels are rich in potassium; this helps in reducing the visibility of yellow stains from your teeth. You can have a yellow stain because of the consumption of certain foods and beverages; these things don’t go away smoothly; however, with the use of banana peels, they do!

After brushing your teeth, rub your teeth with the inside part of the banana peel, rinse your teeth after this, and you can do it daily till the stains finally disappear.

8. As a spray-on fertilizer

Feeding banana peels to plants are not just an old wives tale; there are practical reasons why many people use this superfood as a substitute for chemical fertilizers.

Banana peels are quick to rot, so if you bury them, they offer luxurious stores of essential nutrients to the soil. You can also use them to make a foliar spray to give a nutrient boost to your plants.

Take a few banana peels put them in parchment paper, and place them in a sunny area outside, let these dry until they’re completely dry. Now, take a few eggshells to leave them sitting on the counter while the peels are drying, so they’re thoroughly dried out as well. After the banana peels of entirely dried, place the pieces into your food processor with an eggshell and pulse until you have a fine powder.

Now add the powder and one tablespoon of Epsom salts in a spray bottle, add water to the spray bottle until it’s just about full. Swirling shake the spray until the spices in the powder of dissolved into the water. Now you’re ready to use the spray.

9. Make a fruit fly trap

If flies are the main problem and you’re looking for a non-toxic way to deal with them, then let the banana peels be your answer! Just chop it up, put it in a plastic container and pour some apple cider vinegar, next, punch some holes in the lid large enough to allow the entry of fruit flies, the scent of the vinegar and banana will bring them. They’ll access through the holes and ultimately down and die in the liquid, while this contraption may not be able to trap every single past in the garden. It will definitely help you get rid of quite a few.

10. As a shoe Polish

What do shoe Polish and banana peels have in common? It’s potassium! But banana peels may be better because they have natural oils in addition to potassium, which makes them a fantastic natural shoe shiner.

Make sure you use slightly green bananas for this as their skins do not shed much fibrous banana matter onto your she was compared to the right ones.
Just peel the banana and rubbed the inside of the peel on your shoes, and watch the scuffs disappear. Use a soft cloth to get rid of any residue. Now, you’re ready to hit the town in your fruity, fresh juice.

11. To keep your meat tender

banana peels act as a great meat tenderizer; to keep your roasts moist, place a ripe banana on top of the meat before it goes into the oven. That way, you’ll be able to cook the meat thoroughly, without sucking away any of that juicy flavor this works for chicken beef or pork.

You can also add them as you marinate the meat and let it be for about a half an hour, they can provide the required moisture as you roasted making it juicy and tender.

12. As an antidepressant

Drinking banana peel water has been shown to relieve anxiety and depression, it’s jam-packed with tryptophan, which is key to creating serotonin, the chemical that can help alleviate depression can also assist you with healthy sleep.

Although eating a banana skin can be an unpleasant experience, as it can be tough and bitter.

The answer is to wait for the fruit to ripen making the peel thinner and sweeter before using it, just boil a small pot of water and add a whole banana with the ins chopped, continue boiling for 10 minutes strain through a colander into a mug and drink every day for best results.

13.  Reduce under-eye puffiness

Have you heard about cucumbers on the ice? What about banana peels?

Banana peels help to keep the skin under the eyes hydrated and protects your eyes from the harmful sun rays; it can also help reduce the risk of cataracts.

Allow a piece of banana skin to sit on the under-eye area for a few minutes then rinse, for an extra refreshing treatment freeze banana peels for 15 minutes before applying.

Another method you can use to scoop out the white fibers from the peel and mix it with aloe gel, the potassium peel, and moisturizing aloe gel will help to treat under-eye bags and circles.

Do this twice a day a week to eliminate dark circles, eye bags, and puffy eyes! The next time you eat bananas, instead of throwing away the peel, try to use one or multiple ways that we’ve mentioned.